my name is jordan and i like pop punk a lot. my url is from a delightful song called let's moshercise, which might be my favorite way to burn calories other than using an arc trainer. i've tried to lose weight before but lost motivation and felt like i was failing. not this time. i've got tumblr and a few good friends to get me through! not ready to reveal what i weigh, but one day i'll put my starting weight up

SW: one day
GW: 200
UGW: 150

i’m afraid to finally lose this weight because i will probably hate my body more due to the skin that is going to be left behind

i didnt track my food today but

i spent a lovely 2 hours with my friends at the gym after i did my hour earlier today.  in that work out i burned about 1000 calories and tonight i did another 15 on the arc, the 30 minute circuit at pf then did some free weights, the bench press, ab roller, and stretching on the mats.  it felt good.

it bugs me the most that

i have been working my ass off, even if the past two days have been rocky.  i have not gained anything back, just didn’t make progress and drank a lot.  however, today has been so good and i’ve felt great.  that’s not what bugs me…

WHAT DOES BUG ME IS MY FRIEND WHO GOES TO THE GYM, BURNS A MERE 78 CALORIES AND IS “TIRED”.  today at the gym i made 1026 calories disappear and i get to eat more because i did that.  cardio every day, weights every other.  i want this but she just doesn’t get it.  she wants it, but wont work for it because she’s busy.  WHO ISN’T BUSY??????  kladfjs i just have feelings and needed to let them out

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journal 3

food: strawberry banana yogurt (100), pb sandwich (350), too many chips (350), salad with raspberry vinagarette (80) … 880 calories so far, probably going to eat a little something before midnight

exercise: today i went to the gym before class today which felt good and did my first hour on the arc trainer.  it burned, but i managed to shake 884 calories out of it! 

notes: time to watch something on elephants, play some pokemon snap and be proud i woke up 3 pounds lighter.  so far i’ve lost 8 pounds since i started my diet and that feels good.  i’m hoping to make it to 30 pounds lost before i move in a few weeks

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I love this.

i love kayla for keeping me going :)


I love this.

i love kayla for keeping me going :)

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journal 2

food: cup of spaghetti (221), sausage link (50), onions and green peppers, banana (120), shepard’s pie (400), pinkberry salted caramel/orginal with toppings (350), glass of orange juice (110) … about 1,300 calories

exercise: yesterday i did 50 minutes on the arc trainer and burned somewhere around 750 calories.  it was the longest i had ever done it but i went a whole hour today which i’ll talk about later :)

notes: this lack of laptop is killing me, so i recorded yesterday right now and do today later tonight.  had no class which was nice, and bought pokemon snap on my wii.  relaxing day